Monday, 28 November 2011

Postcard Collections 3

Hi! These are from my postcard collections. Click to enlarge or click here to go to the dynamic view version of the post. I hope you like them. Cheers! :)


CintaZulaikha said...

wow, cantek giler poskad..masa sekolah dulu banyak gak kumpul poskad..poskad kayu pon ada..bila tgk ja poskad2 kat ats nih, teringin plak gamaknya..huhu :)

nice belog..

wasabi onee-san said...

wow!! there's a lot of postcard..
i would like to keep some, but i didn't find that i like..

The 'F' Word said...

thanks. it's never too late to restart. maybe u could share them on ur blog probably? hehe.

@wasabi onee-san
just buy at least 3 postcards wherever u go to or ask ur friends or family members if they go on a vacation. they're cheap and easy to carry home. it doesn't matter if u like the design or not. probably in 5 years time, u will begin to appreciate them :).